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What Does it Cost?


Here are some typical prices to give you an idea of the cost, but I will always provide you with a firm total cost before you place your order.

Single Stamps

I am happy to make just one stamp if that is what you need. I have no set up fees, no minimum orders, no design fees, there are no hidden charges of any kind. I sell a lot of small single stamps, no order is too small.

Single Small Stamp

(2” x 2”)

$ 18.00

Single Medium Stamp

(3” x 3”)

$ 23.00

Single Large Stamp

(4 ”x 4”)

$ 30.00

Single stamps are priced by the square inch

Full Sheet

(8” x 10”)

$ 75.00

Quarter Sheet

(4” x 5”)

$ 35.00

Half Sheet

(8” x 5”)

$ 53.00

Best buy is a full sheet—fit on as many stamps as you can cut out

Sheets of Stamps

I offer reduced prices for full, half and quarter sheets. Fit as many stamp designs into the area as you can, just leave room to cut them out.

The lowest cost per stamp will be a full sheet, why not get some friends together to fill up a sheet if you only need a few designs of your own.

Sheet stamps are sold un mounted and un trimmed, so you have the fun of cutting them out! Any scissors will work but I like to use Teflon coated long blade scissors. They glide through the stickiness of the stamps with ease and allow for smooth curvy cuts around your stamp design.

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